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2014-07-31 03:49:59 by supersoniclegend

Get ready fans for a TIDAL WAVE of MUSIC REMIXES!!! (I will give credit, don't worry ng team.)

Working On Animation

2014-07-10 21:50:06 by supersoniclegend

In a couple of weeks, I'm going to get my uncles old computer, and hopefully get Adobe Flash Player on it. But for now, I'm working on a AMV called Rockz. (Audio is made by FuzzyDice) I'm going to do all my test animations on which is a kiddie website I use for now. I'm also going to be doing pictures from Paint for my animations. 

New Manga

2014-07-03 23:20:09 by supersoniclegend

I've decided to make a new manga about my new OC Yoku. It's called Gates Of Dreams. I'll be doing it on paint. I need new characters though. HHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Need helpers!!

2014-04-13 22:44:05 by supersoniclegend

I need helers to help me of making my new series 'Retard Ninja'. I need a animator & voice actors. I also need to get background music. If you want to help me, you can with the listed above. I will be making the scripts and character design. So again, if you are intrested, you can help.

Stupid m bot

2014-01-23 14:02:40 by supersoniclegend

He left only 1 of my arts on new grounds !


2014-01-23 08:01:37 by supersoniclegend

4419953_139048202371_image.jpgI am now making art! Please check the out!


2013-09-12 02:35:03 by supersoniclegend

I'm want to create a sonic scene creator named "Mega Sonic Scene Creator" but I need help so 1 person can help drag the sprites, 1 person upload the sprites and 1 person add music! So if you can help please comment for help! Thank You! :)


2013-08-08 03:20:17 by supersoniclegend


fan characters

2013-06-01 03:48:34 by supersoniclegend

I've got 4 new fan characters which are crystal,burn,spike and neon so go look on the drawing grounds. :)


2013-06-01 02:30:04 by supersoniclegend

If you want to see my playlists, go to the bottom of my webpage. :)